Buxton on the Move

One of the key problem areas for Buxton in the next five years, as identified at the 2020 Vision Conference, is traffic, transport, access and parking – generally moving people and things around the town.
So we convened another conference, focusing specifically on this – the Buxton On The Move Conference was held on Wednesday 9th March 2016. We invited representatives from user groups, transport companies and the local authorities as well as relevant experts, to investigate what could be done to improve the town,  taking into account  everyone’s different needs.

Following on from the Conference, we have now set up the Access, Parking, Traffic and Transport Group, tasked with developing an holistic plan for the town, that meets the needs of all users, and with developing and promoting specific projects that will contribute towards achieving it. There’s a more detailed explanation here. If you want to get involved in this work please get in touch.

The Group are now working on a Whole Town Travel Plan for Buxton. As part of this we’re organising a ‘Come & Try Travel Day’ on Saturday 28th April.

The Buxton on the Move conference report can be found here.

There’s also more information about the conference in the ProjectProposal; a Closing Report will be posted in due course.

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