Buxton in Bloomin Winter 2018

Let's Make Buxton Sparkle for Christmas!

Buy a bulb for £1
Our Bloomin’ Winter Team are planning for a brilliant and bright Buxton Christmas in collaboration with Buxton Sparkles and WI. They want to replace the white lights on the town trees with coloured ones which will show up in the daytime. The plan for “Buy a Bulb” is to help raise the funds for this -
More on this soon!

We are also seeking seasonal sponsorship to light up the town.

The team are inviting businesses and other organisations to support a brighter Christmas in Buxton either with partial contributions to lights or even for a whole tree!
The trees available for sponsorship and their approximate costs are:

  • The four roundabout trees around town will cost £1700 – each.
  • The Market Place tree - £2050
  • The big tree at the bottom of The Slopes - £4100

The aim is to raise roughly £13,000 to bring a bright and colourful Christmas to Buxton.

We currently have a crowdfunding campaign running where you can donate, please let the Bloomin’ Winter team know. No amount is too small and every little really helps!

You can find the campaign by going to Crowdfunder.co.uk and then searching for: 'Buxton' or you can click the button below. Donations Start at £1.


We are off to a good start too, thanks to the inspirational lead by members of Buxton WI who have already raised £670 for this year’s lights in addition to the £830 they raised last year. Our fundraising stall on Buxton Market on Bank Holiday Saturday also raised £259.44, so we are well on the way.

In addition to the new coloured lights, we would like to put more white lights in the deciduous trees along Spring Gardens at a cost of £160 per tree. Again, please let us know if you can help or know someone who can.

The project leader of Buxton in Bloomin’ Winter is Steve Bradshaw, you can get in touch at: christmas@buxtontownteam.org

You can view the project proposal for Buxton in Bloomin' Winter by clicking here