Buxton Town Team CIC has over 200 members - see here for how you can join. The membership appoint a board of up to nine directors, currently these are:

Appointed 10th December 2013, and
reappointed 10th December 2016:


John Estruch


Richard Silson

Appointed 23rd June 2015 and
reappointed 23rd June 2018:


Simon Fussell

Appointed 28th January 2016


Suzanne Pearson

Appointed 16th May 2017

Jim Lowe

Matthew Nuttall

Appointed 15th May 2018

Caitlin Bisknell                                              Steve Bradshaw


Directors are appointed for a term of no more than three years, with an agreed procedure for their selection. They can serve for a second three year term, but must then take a break of at least three years.

Past directors, who served for a period then stood down, have been Janet Miller, Roddie Maclean, Tina Heathcote, Claire Millard, Sarah Rawlinson, Joe Dugdale, Alan Thompson, Rachel Hoodith and Roger Floyd. We thank them all for their valuable contribution.

Other Key roles in the company are:
Treasurer - Philip Barton
Members of the Scrutiny Group - Charles Jolly, Derek Bodey  and Joe Dugdale, Sue Read.

The objective of the company is to advance the prosperity of Buxton and the well-being of its community, more detail of what this means is included in the Community Interest Statement. The way the company operates is specified in the Articles of Association.