The work of the Town Team is is based around projects; this enables as many people as possible to get involved in making things happen, without them all having to come to every meeting. The Ideas & Action Meeting assesses all the ideas that come our way, decides which are the ones we should take on, and appoints a team of people to work on it. The project team are asked to compete a Project Proposal, which serves as a check list to ensure that everything we need to think about is addressed, as well as defining exactly what the team are responsible for achieving, how much they can spend and where the money will come from. This proposal is then formally approved (or not) by the directors, and the team get on with turning it into reality. At the end of the project the team checks if the aims of the project have been met, and produces a Closing Report.

There's more detail in the Guidance for Project Leaders.

The blank project forms and other documents that you may need for your projects are here:

Projects that have formal Buxton Town Team approval are:

Closing Reports are here: