DeclaimerIf you want to help make Buxton a better place to live, work and visit, get involved.

Membership is open to anyone who supports our objectives and wants to contribute in some way towards them. It costs just £1 as a one off joining fee – what we want is your ideas, enthusiasm, involvement and help to make things happen.

We are a ‘project based’ organisation – you can see some examples of our completed and our ongoing projects here. We have a monthly Ideas & Action Meeting where we look at the dozens of suggestions of things that might help make BuxtonGroupFour a better place, then decide on priorities and set up project teams. The project teams agree exactly what they will do and how much it will cost, then go away and make it happen. They report regularly on how they are getting on and at the end check back to make sure the aims of the project were actually achieved.

To join Buxton Town Team, you will need to complete and sign the Membership Application Form, and bring it, with your £1 joining fee, to any of our meetings (details here). If you can’t get to a meeting we have a post box at the Town Hall, by the door to Reception, which is open 9am-4pm on weekdays. If even that doesn’t work for you, please contact us to make alternative arrangements.