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Views on website structure

Please feel free to make constructive criticisms of the functionality of the current site. Please note that the appearance isn’t our priority at this stage. Once the structure suits our needs then we can move to make the site more attractive as we migrate to our new web host. Will you also bear in mind that using WordPress as our content management tool does impose some restrictions on what is possible but we will try our best to implement what you suggest.

Comments please by 31 October 2012 after which time I will commence the improvement work wherever possble and produce a new user guide ready for our next meeting on 14 November.

BTT Identity

Before I start, can I say what terrific work Eric has done with all the proposed designs. After much consideration though I think we ought to adopt the third one incorporating images of people. It puts across the image of people cooperating to improve the town and has the advantage of offering great flexibility so that it can be incorporated into many forms of media. I do think a strapline is valid for this project and the use of the word ‘altogether’ is very powerful.