Shop Local Scheme


Up to 80p of every £1 spent in an independent shop stays in the local economy; the ‘multiplier effect’ means that £1 can contribute up to £5 into the local economy.

This compares with only 20p if the same £1 is spent on line or with a national/international retailer, contributing at best £1.25 into the local economy.

If everyone in Buxton spent just £5 a month in an independent shop, that could mean an extra £6 million into Buxton’s economy.

We are looking for a team of people, ideally independent retailers themselves, who would set up and manage a ‘Totally Locally’ scheme or something similar for Buxton. Suxch a scheme would:

  • Increase the use of local shops and suppliers.
  • Increase economic resilience.
  • Reduce product miles – better for the environment.
  • Raise awareness of the power of the choices we each make about where we spend.

If this is something you would like to be involved in please get in touch.