Railings Clean 2017



This was the third annual railings clean. More than 400 children from local schools, led by students from Buxton & Leek College and the University of Derby, gathered to clean the winter's algae off the Pavilion Gardens park railings. Why? Well, quite a few reasons ...

  • the railings looked hugely better afterwards
  • they're our railings, we should look after them
  • the children learned about volunteering and the importance of community
  • they had a really, really fun time!

Amazingly, the traditional railings clean blizzard came through at lunchtime when everyone was taking a break.

Watch our video of what happened on previous railings cleans. We hope to be able to post photos and video of this year's Railings Clean soon.

More information in the Project Proposal, and here's the Closing Report - Railings Clean 2017