Open Gardens 2016

There’s nothing so lovely as a garden in full bloom, and (especially if you’re a gardener) nothing so fascinating as looking round other people’s gardens. With Buxton’s very first  Open Gardens Trail, people could do just that!

OpenGardensMontage(lowres)There’s a new Royal Horticultural Show (think Chelsea) starting at Chatsworth in 2017, so inevitably all sorts of exciting ideas about how Buxton might link in to that. Buxton Open Gardens 2016 was the first pilot project; we planned to have a dozen or so gardens open for two days on 11th and 12th June, with artwork, entertainment and activities thrown in, and refreshments available as well of course.


In the event we had twenty-five private gardens on the trail, plus half a dozen public gardens. The project was a huge success, with some gardens reporting hundreds of vistors over the weekend. There’s every chance this will become a popular addition to the annual town calendar.

There’s more details in the ProjectProposal, as always .

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