Crescent Planters

We're all delighted that work has started on renovating the Crescent at last. There's always a downside though - in this case having a not terribly attractive building site right in the middle of the town for a couple of years. We definitely think a few flowers will always make anything look better, so we set about brightening things up by hanging planters off the hoardings.


And while we were at it, if we can't have water flowing from the Turner Memorial, then at least we can have flowers - so we filled the basins with trailing lobelia and petunias.

We brought the planters in for the winter, but hope to get them refilled and put out again in the spring.

Our thanks to Buxton Civic Association for help with funding, to Staden Nurseries for the plants and liners, and to the staff at Vinci Construction who made sure the plants were kept watered.

There's more detail in the Project Proposal.