Buxton in Bloomin’ Winter

The town was looking lovely through the summer, what with the hanging baskets and planters, the flowerpot people and all the tidying up that had been going on in the parks. But what about winter? Things can start to look a bit drab. Christmas lights are incredibly expensive, and in any case they only look good at night, and most of us are around town in the daytime. So - as is our way - we decided to do things a bit differently ...

The plan was that we'd decorate the town with greenery and red ribbons, home made decorations such as snow birds and gift wrapped boxes, with local organisations, businesses  and schools taking responsibility for specific areas. We posted some ideas here of things people could make to decorate the town.

The second part of the plan was that all the voluntary organisations and businesses in the town could take responsibility for a particular area - or individuals and families could too. We drew up an 'adopt a spot' list of places they could volunteer for, and around 40 different groups did just that.

graphic2The first thing that happened was we fixed red bows on the council's christmas trees. Then the main decorating of the town took place on the morning of Saturday 3rd December and in the week immediately before then. The town was full of people decorating bus stops, trees, lamp posts, bollards, railings and even the electric boxes. It looked amazing!

On the afternoon of Saturday 3rd December we held the first ever Christmas Carnival Parade, starting at the bottom of Spring Gardens and processing through the town (Spring Gardens, Turner Memorial, The Slopes, Market Place, Fountain Street, Pavilion Gardens) stopping at key points along the way to sing seasonal songs. Buxton Sparkles joined the parade with their willow lanterns, there was a Peter Pan theme (free pirate hats all round), at least one pirate captain and even a giant puppet crocodile!!! The Peak Paddlers were out on the lake, with their canoes all illuminated, which was magical. Last but not least there was hot food and warming drinks on the market place where the christmas market was in full swing. It was a great way to start the christmas season.

For a bit more on the whys and wherefores, here's the project proposal, and here's the Closing Report.