Big Buxton Spring Clean 2014


It was the visit by the Academy of Urbanism that started it. We started to look at our town through the eyes of a critical visitor, and realised – those signs – just a bit grubby! Those bus shelters could do with a bit of a clean too. And oh dear, just look at those weeds in the pavement, and the bits of string and old cable ties on that lamp post. Usually, we don’t consciously notice these things, but they affect our mood, and how we feel about our town.

And it is our town, so we decided to give it a bit of TLC, and get it looking bright and beautiful for the Spring Fair and the Summer Season. Over 200 people were involved, the schools and the University took on the job of cleaning the railings round the park, and others came out on Big Spring Clean Day 12th April to scrub, polish and weed – and collect a truck load of litter.

Here’s a glimpse of what we got up to:

If you would like to be involved next time we do something like this, we’d love to hear from you. Email Tina or call 01298 24219.

For full details of this project see the Project Proposal  and the Closing Report.