Beautifying Buxton Phase 1

Buxton is a gorgeous place, and we love it, but we have to admit that there are a few corners that are just a bit grotty. The idea of this project is to identify those places and try and do something about them.

The first area we picked up on was George Street, round the back of the Crescent. We recruited art students from the schools and from Buxton & Leek College, and between them they transformed those dull grey hoardings into vibrant colour. This fantastic jungle was the first contribution, from Buxton Community School.

B&LCPanelsIt was soon followed by a set of rather gorgeous panels from Buxton and Leek College:

Watch this video to see the ‘unveiling’:

A few weeks later the artists from the Green Man Gallery added their celebration of Higher Buxton to the portfolio:GMGWall

And finally budding artist Helen added a French pastoral landscape to the boards by the Brasserie: BrasserieWall2


Our thanks to Fairfield Builders Supplies, Buxton Woodworks and Buxton Crescent Hotel and Thermal Spa Company for providing the materials, and to the Brasserie for the contribution to the paint fund.

For more details of this project see the Phase 1 Project Proposal – a Closing Report will be prepared in due course.

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