Artisan Market Trials

We all want to see a vibrant market in Buxton. One way to achieve this was to bring in a commercial operator, so we supported a series of trials with The Market Co, who run Artisan Markets in several towns in Cheshire.

The first market was held on Saturday 7th June 2014, with 60 stalls in Spring Gardens and by the Turners Memorial. It poured with rain!
In spite of this the traders reported a good day, and feedback from
14401938497_280909e69a_kshoppers was very positive.

This was followed on Saturday 5th July with a market on the Market Place. So nice to see the space busy again and filled with stalls!

The market on Saturday 2nd August in Spring Gardens was a little damp but enjoyed by all. Watch the video below to see what went on there:

Further Artisan Markets were held in the autumn on the Market Place, and in early summer 2015 on Spring Gardens. Currently no further Artisan Markets are planned.

For the first two markets, students from the University of Derby collected feedback from residents and visitors, shops in the location and the traders themselves, and produced a report on the impact on the town. Subsequently we made our own quantitative measurements of the effect of the Artisan Market on footfall on the Market Place and in Spring Gardens.

For full details of this project see the Project Proposal  and the Closing Report.