2020 Vision: The Buxton Conference

Towards 100 people gathered in the Pavilion Arts Centre, for a day discussing Buxton’s future. There’s so many big changes coming our way – major developments, hundreds more houses – and as a town and as a community we need to be ready for this.

The first part of the day was information gathering, with key speakers given 5 minutes each. Then an exercise over maps of the town, with a whole host of ideas gathered and currently being collated.

Thanks to all our speakers, to the people who helped on the day, to HPBC for generously allowing us the use of the venue and providing lunch, to Nestle Waters for keeping us hydrated during the day.

A copy of the post-conference report is available Buxton 2020 Conference Report (4.5Mb). A lower resolution version Buxton 2020 Conference Report – Lo-res (1.5Mb) is also available.

The project proposal is here and of course there will be a closing report in due course.

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